OneCan Values

Foster a Healthy Community

Deliver Enjoyable Gameplay

Obviously, a community needs somewhere to congregate. We envision The Island being that place! We will constantly be adding new gameplay, storylines, and mechanics that players can enjoy while on The Island. Our goal is to be the social epicenter of the Harmony One ecosystem.

Provide a Low-Barrier-to-Entry to Those Wanting to Engage in Blockchain Gaming

We have noticed that many successful web3 projects also happen to have high barriers for entry, many times excluding potential users because they cannot afford to enter the ecosystem. Our goal is to constantly provide affordable ways to partake in the activities within The Island metaverse. We will strike a balance - those that want to experience the basic features of The Island will have a lower financial barrier for entry, but there will also be features exclusive to those who expose themselves more to the project, or invested early.

Innovate in the space

Although the main goals of the OneCan team are mentioned above, none of them matter if the product itself is not innovative. We strive to constantly push the bleeding edge, and introduce experiences that have yet to arrive on the Harmony chain. Constant and rapid innovation is what differentiates web3 from its predecessors, and we want to carry on that mentality.

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