Peninsula of VolCan Lore

The Peninsula of VolCan is the first region of The Island that will be released! This is the home of the OneCans, but their wellbeing is being threatened by the terrors of TradFi and Mayor McFUD. This will be the first of many regions revealed as the storyline progresses. Below, we’ll let Harmony The TwoCan introduce themselves!:

[Harmony the TwoCan]

"I remember it as if it were yesterday. A land laid to waste by seas of red, over-populated with polar bears, and temperatures that would freeze any living being in sight. A TwoCan like me would have never made it out of the Crypto Winter without perseverance and tremendous sacrifice. I needed a change- somewhere I could go to enjoy a harmonious life. After months of grueling travel and many bridges crossed, I finally found somewhere I could call home: The Island. Hi, I'm Harmony the TwoCan, and let me tell you about my community."

"Upon my arrival to The Island, I was immediately struck by the diversity within the community."

[Mayor McFUD interrupts]


[Harmony the TwoCan]

*sighs* "Ignore him."

"Sorry, that was Mayor McFUD, he’s quite a character. He’s kinda cringe and NGMI. In fact, you'll find a few colorful chaps here on The Island. I’m sure you’ll meet them in due time."

"Compared to my old home, where competition and struggle were the norm, everyone on The Island believes in the spirit of collaboration. You see, if there's one thing the community has in common, it's the belief in the importance of leisure and a shared sense of victory."

[Sergei the Stoner rolls by on his hoverboard]

”Gm Harmony! Wanna join me for a little God’s Green Grass sesh?”

[Harmony the TwoCan]

“Gm Sergei, I've gotta finish this intro. I’ll hit you up later!”

[Sergei the Stoner rolling away]

”Aight Harmony, stay based. WAGMI”

[Harmony the TwoCan]

"See how nice and inviting the community can be? Anyways, back to the story; after losing my brothers and sisters to the polar bears of Crypto Winter, I found a species that reminded me so much of my own. There’s some lovely birds here, even some from my homeland. What makes my days all the brighter is seeing my fellow birds enjoy the beauty there is on The Island."

"So, Explorer, welcome to The Island. Sit back, relax, and make sure to hit up Billy the Bartender for a delicious drink (and maybe some hopium!)"

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