Whitelist Scrolls

Welcome to step 0 of Cave Plot Launch 🤝 This page will cover the basics of the Scroll airdrop, including airdrop requirements, background, and whitelist use-cases. We’ve always thought that random airdrops are incredibly exciting, and wanted to bring that to you guys as we prepare the actual game 🕹️

Every holder of OneCan NFTs will be eligible to claim at least one of the following three types of Scrolls. These Scrolls will be used for entering the Cave Plot presale.

There are 3 tiers of Scrolls being dropped, depending on the number of OneCans held in your wallet. These Scrolls will be tradeable on secondary markets, allowing people to play this presale however they’d like 😄

Cave Plot Sale Process

There will be 5 phases for the Cave Plot sale.

The Legendary Phase

The Legendary phase is for Legendary Scroll holders. Users will be airdropped one Legendary Scroll for every 50 OneCans they hold.

Legendary Scroll holders are able to mint with the following deal:

  • 1 completely free ✨ Cave Plot mint per Legendary Scroll

  • And the ability to mint 15 additional Cave Plots per Legendary Scroll

  • Only 750 $ONE per Cave Plot mint

  • Mints are buy 3 get 1 free (If the user mints 15 plots, they will receive 20)

The Rare Phase

The Rare Phase begins after the Legendary Phase. Users will be airdropped one Rare Scroll for every 10 OneCans they hold (after subtracting out the Legendary Scrolls).

Rare Scrolls holders are able to mint with the following deal:

  • Ability to mint 9 Cave Plots per Rare Scroll

  • Only 850 $ONE per Cave Plot mint

  • Mints are buy 3 get 1 free (If the user mints 9 plots, they will receive 12)

The Common Phase

The Common Phase begins after the Rare Phase. Users will be airdropped one Common Scroll for every OneCan they hold (after subtracting out the previous Scrolls).

  • Ability to mint 3 Cave Plots per Common Scroll

  • 950 $ONE per Cave Plot mint

  • Mints are buy 3 get 1 free (If the user mints 3 plots, they will receive 4)

Final Whitelist Phase

For the final whitelist round, to allow new members into the presale, we will be adding wallets to the whitelist. This will be done through our Cave Plot marketing campaign. These whitelist winners will not get an NFT, and will only have to option to mint in this round or the next.

The Open Phase

The Open Phase begins after the Common Phase. This is the open sale, and will remain open until all Cave Plots are sold.

  • A wallet has the option to mint as many Cave Plots as they like

  • 950 $ONE per Cave Plot mint

  • Mints are buy 5 get 1 free


How Long Does Each Phase Last?

More details will be given closer to the mint date, but a minimum of 24 hours will be given per phase, to allow people from anywhere in the world to comfortably mint 👏

TL;DR: Advantages to Entering During Pre-sale Phases

The three pre-sale phases will all get a buy 3 get 1 free offer, instead of the open phase’s buy 5 get 1 free. This may not sound like much, but let’s compare how much you save, per phase:

Legendary Phase: ~30% discount vs Open Phase Rare Phase: ~20% discount vs Open Phase Common Phase: ~10% discount vs Open Phase (Accessible by having owned a SINGLE OneCan)

Or, if you’d like to think of it in terms of absolute savings per batch of 6 (This is approximated, because of the difference in buy X get 1 free)

Savings per batch of 6 mints (simulating the buy 5 get 1 free): Legendary Phase: 1375 $ONE saved Rare Phase: 925 $ONE saved Common Phase: 475 $ONE saved Or, if we just calculate the savings of fulling using the buying power of each Scroll:

Savings if the full buying power of each scroll is used (Roughly): Legendary Phase: 5850 $ONE saved if minting 15 (+6 free) cave plots vs. open sale Rare Phase: 1850 $ONE saved if minting 9 (+3 free) cave plots vs. open sale Common Phase: 950 $ONE saved if minting 3 (+1 free) cave plots vs. open sale By airdropping our loyal OneCan holders, we’re not only giving you the opportunity to be first in line, but also get more land for less $ONE. These Cave Plots will NEVER be recreated, and will have resources that are required to craft certain NFTs that will be available EXCLUSIVELY in the Caves.

When Will Scrolls Be Airdropped?

The snapshot of OneCans holdings has already been taken. When Scrolls are airdropped, and announcement will be made.

I’m Canfused, How Many Scrolls Will I Receive?

Yeah, totally understandable 😆 Lets give you guys an example:

Mayor McFUD has 178 OneCans at the time of the snapshot. Mayor McFUD will be airdropped: 3 Legendary Scrolls (for the first 150 OneCans he owns) 2 Rare Scrolls (From the next 20 OneCans in the remaining 28) 8 Common Scrolls (From the remaining 8 OneCans)

Where Can I See My Scrolls After The Airdrop?

Go visit NFTKey to check out your airdropped Scrolls: https://nftkey.app/collections/onecanscrolls/ Make sure to turn the "My NFTs" box ON

Why Should I Buy a Cave Plot?

Cave Plots will be one-of-a-kind. They will produce certain resources only available in the caves, which are required to make the in-game NFTs. Holding Cave Plots will also give the owners exclusive opportunities and benefits in the future, but we’ll keep that vague, purposefully 😉

How Do I Use the Scroll to Mint?

The Scroll will be burnt upon use for minting Cave Plots. You will have one opportunity to choose the number of Cave Plots you’d like to mint during the appropriate phase for a Scroll, during which your discount will be applied.

Please, make sure to choose the correct number of Cave Plots to mint, this will be a one-time transaction (per Scroll), which will not be reversible.

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