Our core team consists of 5 very talented individuals all of whom were foundational to the success of the OneCan project. Let's explain their roles:

ChampagneKarpapy Co-Founder, Main Developer

Karpapy is responsible for all technical aspects of the OneCan project. Karpapy is the head of the development team currently working on The Island.

Eskeleto Co-Founder, Project Lead

Eskeleto is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, general progress of the project, and planning the future steps.

MasonTheGuy Marketing Lead, Community Manager

MasonTheGuy is responsible for the marketing operations of the project, as well as managing and moderating the community on all social media platforms.

Cryptocojak Creative Director

Cryptocojak is responsible for researching emerging trends in the web3 space, and keeping the team on the bleeding edge.

Astry Quality Assurance Specialist, Community Manager

Astry is responsible for verifying that all outgoing products adhere to OneCan quality standards.

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