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In September 2021, the OneCan NFT collection was released on the Harmony One blockchain. Since inception, our project’s focus was to create a community-oriented NFT project that eventually utilized minting proceeds to develop a multiplayer, interactive, social metaverse. The following documentation will detail the status of our development, an outline of our goals, and how we intend to achieve these goals.

What is a OneCan?

A OneCan is a fusion between two pretty awesome things: a Toucan + Harmony One. What started as a simple pun turned into a flock of 10,000 uniquely generated OneCan NFTs! OneCans will serve as your key to accessing our proprietary Island Metaverse, which will be further explained in the rest of this documentation.
The Original OneCans

The Island Metaverse

Our vision for The Island Metaverse is ambitious, but very achievable. The Island has five separate regions, beginning with the Peninsula of VolCan. In every region, players will be able to partake in activities, social events, mini-games, and many more immersive features. OneCan holders will be given priority and exclusive access to content, though The Island will be open to projects who seek to collaborate and contribute to building our expansive virtual world.
The Island will feature extensive lore to aid in introducing different elements of the game. Not only will The Island feature the initial flock of 10,000 OneCans, but we will also be introducing Land Plots (Nests 👀 ) for players to use as their home base. These foundational elements will be important for the creation of our in-game economy.